Annual Awards Program

The California Resource Recovery Association is announcing their call for nominations for its Annual Awards Program.  Awards will be presented during the 36th Annual CRRA Conference at the Oakland Marriott City Center/Convention Center in Oakland, August 5-8, 2012. You are invited to share the programs and successes achieved by you and your colleagues who are “going above and beyond” in their efforts to prevent waste, reuse materials, recycle, compost, buy recycled and build “green.”  It is CRRA’s intent to praise outstanding achievers in California, publicize their successes and share successful efforts throughout the state.  (Download the Nomination form)

2012 Awards Categories

Recycler of the Year ~ Awarded to an individual who has significantly
contributed to resource conservation throughout their career in California.

Pavitra Crimmel Reuse Award ~ Pavitra was instrumental in championing the
promotion and implementation of successful reuse programs. In her honor, this award recognizes special achievement by a private business, government agency, community based organization or school in the reuse of materials.

Outstanding Construction & Demolition Debris Diversion Award ~ Awarded
to a private business, government agency or community-based organization that
has excelled in the reduction and recycling of materials generated through
construction and/or demolition activities.

Dave Hardy Leadership in Organics Award ~ Dave was instrumental in developing
the Organics Recycling Council in CRRA and served as the organization’s
President. For his contribution, this award recognizes a business, government
agency, community-based organization or school to recognize excellence in the
production, marketing and/or utilization of organic materials.

Outstanding “Closing the Loop” Commitment ~ Awarded to a business, government
agency, community-based organization or school that has implemented an
innovative program that features the procurement of products that reduce waste,
have recycled content and/or are safer alternatives to toxic products.

Outstanding Recycling Program ~  Awarded to a business, government agency,
community-based organization or school that has excelled in implementing and
carrying out a recycling and/or diversion program.

Outstanding Waste Prevention Program ~ Awarded to a business, government
agency, community-based organization or school that has taken the steps to
evaluate their wastestream and has successfully implemented a program that
prevents the generation of waste.

Outstanding HHW/U-Waste/E-waste Program ~  Awarded to a business, government
agency or community-based organization to recognize innovation and excellence
in diverting HHW/U-Waste/E-waste materials from disposal.

“Next Generation” Recycler Award ~ This award is specifically designed to promote
the next generation of Recyclers/“Zero Wasters” in California.  It will be awarded
to an individual youth or youth group that has clearly set themselves apart from
their peers in promoting waste prevention, recycling, composting, zero waste, or
buying recycled.

Award Selection Criteria
Each award category will be evaluated on the basis of how the program and/or work of the nominee resulted in:

  • Creative problem solving
  • Development of innovative solutions, approaches and/or partnerships
  • Conservation, recovery and/or long-term benefit to resources
  • Increased public awareness and participation
  • A model for others to follow
  • A measurable contribution to the diversion of materials from the landfill,
    specifically noting the tonnage diverted and dollar savings
  • A measurable impact on the development of markets for reclaimed materials
  • Inspiration of others and demonstration of leadership in the field

Application Procedures
Award nominations MUST include:
1.)    Make sure your dues are paid in full and membership is current!
2.)    Completed nomination application form.  Application must be completed by a CRRA member in good standing (dues paid in full) as of the application date.
3.)    A brief program summary that includes the program’s history, key achievements and distinguishing characteristics.
4.)    A brief, clearly labeled response to each of the noted award selection criterion.  Total responses to all of the criteria should not exceed eight pages.
5.)    Letters of reference from local jurisdiction(s), recycling organization, community leader, and finally a teacher/principal for youth programs.
6.)    The application form and all support letters must be scanned into one final PDF document for submission. (You know, help us save some ghgs and $$ by not driving to rescan several documents)


Award nominations must be received by 5:00 p.m. Friday May 4, 2012

Please send to:
            Jacy Bolden, CRRA Awards Chair ‘12


 California Resource Recovery Association   915 L Street, Suite C-216   Sacramento, CA 95814

Questions? email Patty M at crra dot com

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